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See for yourself

Design and build with BAPP Building And Project Planning. Floor plans that were once cumbersome to use are made straightforward and convenient for property inspections: mark and comment on essential points directly on the plan.

Ihr mobiles Büro

Your mobile office

Construction projects, appointments and contacts are available at a glance.

A single tap calls up numerous project resources: property inspections, documents, pictures and tasks.

Your project management

Manage contacts, appointments and documents.

Describe your property inspections in situ.

Document responsibilities and project progress.

Ihr Projektmanagement

Your property inspection

Mark and comment on important points using the digital building plan.

Document lists of defects and remedial work with up-to-date photos.

Your digital signature

Conclude property inspections with the digital signature of everyone involved.

Send data and documents to distribution lists directly by email.

Ihr Datei-Management

Your file management

Conveniently upload your plans to the app using the web interface.

Manage your documents using the Explorer preview window.